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MONGOL Els was officially founded in 1995 by the union of two highly experienced companies in the light gauge engineering and construction framing fields.

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Saving time and money and removing cost from our buildings.

Experts put all the pieces together quickly by controlling the critical path, and allowing the remaining sub-trades to begin their work sooner to reduce the overall construction timeline.

Support sustainable construction

That is why we purchase steel exclusively from suppliers that produce steel using 90% recycled content.

What's shaking?

The System allows architects and engineers to meet almost any design criteria, including high wind and seismic loads.

Don't get burned using wood framing!

The System uses Light Gauge Steel, a superior building material. It provides noncombustible support for fire-rated construction. Steel will not burn or add fuel to a burning fire. In many cases, using steel can reduce insurance premiums and may eliminate the need for expensive sprinkler systems and fire stopping materials.

Have you ever seen a termite munching on steel & concrete?

The System is built completely with light gauge steel and cement and termites don't like either! This means the money you spend on your structure will never be eaten up by nasty creatures. This can mean lower insurance costs and higher resale value. Wouldn't any other solution just end up bugging your bottom line in the future?

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Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Bayangol district, 20 khoroo, Erchim khuch street, TETS-4 leftward, 'MONGOL ELS' LLC
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