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Owners & Developers.

  • Revenue generated faster
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • The knowledge that you're using sustainable products
  • Open concept designs & great strength-to-weight ratio
  • A smaller building footprint with higher density
  • Lower foundation costs
  • Less risk & exposure
  • A superior performing structure

Architects & Engineers

  • Open spans and design concepts
  • More floor and wall options
  • Products that offer great strength-to-weight ratio
  • Lighter materials reducing foundation requirements
  • A system perfect for poor soil environments
  • Flexible diaphrams for high seismic areas
  • Certified & UL-tested products
  • LEED certified products
  • Great STC and IIC properties
  • Non-combustible solution

Builders & Contractors

  • Your buildings go up FASTER
  • A turn key solution, via a single source shop
  • One source responsibility
  • Our team approach w/ value engineering
  • Trade-friendly materials and concepts
  • Less risk with non-combustible products
  • Less callbacks & maintenance
  • Less expensive materials for mid-rise projects
  • Products that are pre-fabricated to save time

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Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Bayangol district, 20 khoroo, Erchim khuch street, TETS-4 leftward, 'MONGOL ELS' LLC
976-94092994, 976-89011670

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